foto-website-2As the saying says “a picture says more than a thousand words” animating is the better version of doing that. It’s amazing how a simple video can explain complex situations. Think about the videos you see on social media.

-to inspire people and motivate through motion picture, character and storyline.
-to show the audience the beauty and character of the imperfection.
-to stimulate the hand drawing animations and to keep them alive which my personal style is a big part of.
-making animations to keep them interesting and inspiring for all ages.

What do I think about the modern animation?
These days there’s a lot of beauty, fantasy, humor and action in the animation. Which requires a lot of movement.
When we animate more freely by hand drawings, witch creates more unique and creative movements wish I like a lot. Myself I not only like to entertain people but also have an more instructive message of which people can learn as well.

-Animate entertainingly but also have a message and reality in them.
-inspire kids and stimulate them to keep working the analogue way by showing them simple short animated films.

What would I like to change?
-these days you see a lot of animations that are a confusing digital world (unrealistic) or full of fantasy,
I like to bring it back to a more physical animation and getting more feel into it, so you can see it’s been created by a person.
-the information of the animation. Especially for kids above the age of three I like to just entertain them by making short movie or even little series, entertainment but with a message, this way it’s a fun way to learn while they being entertained.
-this way I like to keep the kids motivated to not go into the digital wold too much at a young age, this way they keep active physically and mentally at the same time.

Where do I stand for?
Self respect. Every human, object, culture, landscape etc.. Has it’s own unique side so we have to respect ourselves and everything around us. I don’t like to flow with the big crowd, do your own thing! Be unique. I like to offer everyone inspiration to learn and be who they want to be. I do this through film and animation, this way you learn without words tthrough a more universal world, a language everyone understands.


If you become excited about my work , I would like to do something for you in the future. For more information, call +31 (0) 6 16 92 82 91 or send an e-mail