In short: who am I? What do I want?
In short: who am I? What do I want?

palmira-inshortWho am I? What do I want?

I’m quite open to any kind of work, this is to improve myself and getting more experience in the field. Working in the studio, my own drawings and working international on different projects will help me to reach an higher level of skills, al this experience will help me to reach my goal and help others to reach theirs to be an artist in the animated world.

-provide education in an entertaining way.
-going from part-time to full-time job.
-becoming the best hand-draw animator in the business
-provide learning material like kids books, info movies etc..

Cons of working with Palmira.
Studio work.
-I’m ready and open for new challenges big and small, a challenge gives you the opportunity to grow and develop mentally and physically.

– i like to work in a team, everyone animates in a different way, working on projects together and learn from each other is a good way to develop ourselves.

-moving animation is one of my favorites things to work on, I really enjoy myself to improve the speed, movement and the way it comes together. I can work on this for hours and still learning as it progresses.

-moving characters is also a thing what amuses me, animate the character, its position, its look and finding the perfect timing to make it move is what really makes the character a person and it comes to live!

Working from home.
At home I focus on my own way of doing things, analogue is the way I focus on mostly.
-besides animating I like to do paintings and other hand crafts.
-what is important is to me and like to do is drawing realistic, looking at things, the surroundings and translate that to a painting.
-I like to animate stories.
-new challenges, looking for new things to do to develop myself.
-in my own work I like to develop en renew the way of thinking by setting new challenges, how can you make an animation and still make the message understandable for people? Like a soundless animation for example, the challenge is to make the characters move and breathe a way that the massage is still clear to people.
-I like to think like the character, really get into the personality, feel that person and in that way I can make the animation better and improve it every time!

-I got experience at working in different country’s. This really inspires me for my work.
-develop different cultures
-and I love to fly!

-I studied animation at the art academy at ArtEZ, college for art in Zwolle.
– master “digital book” witch I made moving pictures for a digital book on the iPad.
-did internship at different studios in holland and international for inspiration. That’s where I looked how they made animations that were focused on kids.
-studied the analogue animator individuals and animator studios in different country’s, the way they work and get inspired.
-visited different festivals like Annecy and different Dutch and German festivals for inspiration.
-made a movie for my exam project, one which were I studied how to paint an animation, secondly i did a study in how to make an animation faster and easier, and a way so I can make a small project analogue.
-traveled to different country’s for inspiration, kept an good eye on the atmosphere, nature, movement and culture so I can use that in my future projects.
-you can find my skills online on LinkedIn.


If you become excited about my work , I would like to do something for you in the future. For more information, call +31 (0) 6 16 92 82 91 or send an e-mail