foto-website-1I grew up in a skipper family, my parents have 5 girls of which I’m the oldest.
We traveled a lot with the family through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. As a kid I was fascinated by animation films, such as Bambi, El Dorado and the lion king.
This way I was inspired as a young girl to make my own drawings and even tried to make whole scenes of the movies I’ve seen.
I always looked at my own drawings critically just so I could improve myself on different levels.
I also enjoyed painting a lot, mostly scenery and nature.
When I was 17 I started a study animation design at the ArtEZ in Zwolle. In those years I tried to get a good balance between my two passions, painting and animation.
After years figuring it out I developed two styles, skippers life and drift. And a combination of the two.
-drift: an animation of which is drawn completely by hand.
-skippers life: completely drawn by hand but on a computer, drawing by hand is the main line I like to hold on with both styles.
-I’m also trying a style that is kinda in between the two, with this style was the movie Film by the sea created.

Because of my career goals as becoming an animator, I challenges myself as much as possible. That way I became an animator at my church and did many project there.
In recent times I work more as a freelancer, I work from home and provide services to clients in my home country and international.
This is a great opportunity to develop my passion for panting and animating for people.


If you become excited about my work , I would like to do something for you in the future. For more information, call +31 (0) 6 16 92 82 91 or send an e-mail